Personalised Care Support Service

Personalised Care

Caring Connections understands that every request for care support is different and that each request needs to be tailored to fully meet the individual and personal needs of the service user. That is why every service user has an individual and personalised care support service plan that fully meets their needs. 

Our comprehensive range of services includes unregistered services such as domiciliary care, community access and support, specialist care support, complex care and pet assistance. 

The experience gained over the last 25 years and our excellent service standards as evidenced by our regulators Care Quality Commission who have awarded us with five consecutive excellent assessments for the quality of our service delivery make us ideally placed to deliver any personalised service to meet your needs. 

Whether you are considering purchasing care support hours or you need further help and support with applying for a personal care budget from your local authority, then we will be pleased to guide you through the options available to you. By utilising your personal budgets to arrange your personal care support needs with Caring Connections, you can be certain that by dealing direct with the people that care about you and by removing the option for the council to organise your care needs, that you will receive the personal care support that fully meets your needs. 

The expression “personal care budgets” can sometimes deter people from finding out how to apply for their individual care budget. That is why Caring Connections will help you through the process so that we can arrange your personal care needs and if you want us to we can even manage your care budgets for you.

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