Children's Care

Children's Care

Caring Connections provides full care support for carers of children with disabilities, and young carers who care for members of their family …

For Children with care needs

We provide one-to-one home-based care, giving parents and carers a break from caring pressures. Our Care Support Workers are fully trained to step into your shoes with whatever personal care and activities your child needs and enjoys.

We also provide one-to-one care outside the home, helping children with disabilities to develop and enhance their skills and confidence within the community. This service is delivered at pre-arranged times and locations enabling parents and carers to have time to themselves or with their other children. 

We provide overnight care that we call a “waking night service”. We stay overnight at your home, staying awake for your child’s needs and make it possible for you to have an undisturbed night’s sleep.

For young carers

The quality of life of children and young people can be deeply affected by the demands of caring for another family member with care needs. Caring Connections gives young carers the regular breaks they need to see their friends, catch up on school work or just relax with their family.

Dedicated to children and young people

Our children’s services have continued to expand in both scale and skills. The team has developed a comprehensive training programme to equip staff to cope with a diverse range of ages, needs and circumstances. Our goals are:

  • To enable disabled children/young carers to gain new skills and confidence which they can use in the wider community 
  • To ensure that children are more involved in community activities as a result of the care we provide 
  • To ensure that parents/carers receive sufficient short breaks to support their caring roles.

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