Care Support Worker Training

Children's Care

Caring Connections provides all mandatory training for our Care Support Workers. Our Care Support Worker training includes a comprehensive 5 day induction and shadowing with other experienced members of staff before delivering care alone. All training is updated on a yearly/two yearly basis as and when required.

The Induction is structured according to the requirements of the Care Certifcate, developed through Skills for Care. This includes modules around:

  • Working Within the Social Care Values Base 
  • Effective Communication for the Care Support Worker 
  • Professional Development for the Care Support Worker 
  • Safer Moving and Handling 
  • Emergency First Aid 
  • Health and Safety at Work 
  • The Safeguarding of Individuals

In addition to these mandatory requirements, the induction also includes basic food hygiene practice and a specific module around carers’ issues. 

A week spent shadowing experienced members of the care staff in supporting individuals who have a wide range of support needs. During this period, feedback on the new CSW’s progress is sought from their mentor and from service users and the appropriate support given to them by their assigned line manager. Shadowing allows a controlled and observed opportunity for knowledge and skills gained during the first week of the induction to be put into practice. 

All Care Support Workers are supported to complete a diploma in Health and Social Care at level 2 or 3. 

Members of the management team are supported to undertake professional qualifications to provide the expertise required to run an effective business.

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