Support For individuals bereaved by Suicide

When someone you love dies, the heartbreak is immense. But when that death is by suicide, the process of grieving can be complex and hard to understand. Every year, more than 800,000 people die by suicide and up to 25 times that many make a suicide attempt.

Those figures are worldwide – but the problem closer to home is no less alarming and currently having an immense affect on Merseyside families trying to pick up the pieces after a death by suicide.

To co-incide with World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 on Sunday (September 10), a community-based charity in Knowsley has launched a unique new project to support families and friends of those left bereaved by the suicide of a loved one. This project is fully funded through the National Lotteries Awards for All funding programme.

The initiative by Caring Connections comes at a time of mounting pressure to provide bereavement counselling in an area described as having an “unprecedented demand” for these services. Paul Growney, chief executive at Caring Connections, explained: “At the moment, there is a waiting time of between three and four months for bereavement counselling in Knowsley and these NHS sessions are group-based rather than on an individual basis.

This situation is due to the unprecedented demand for the service. “Privately, it can cost up to £40 per session which is unaffordable to many people in Knowsley, an area classified as being in the top ten most deprived local authorities in England.”

The Caring Connections bereavement counselling will be free on a weekly basis to anyone bereaved by suicide within the local area. All counselling provided by a trained BACP registered counsellor. You can self refer to service and do not have to come through health services.

Please phone 0151 289 2761 to book a session

Alongside the counselling service there will also be a monthly support group delivered in alignment with National Charity SOBS (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide).

With meetings held in the Old School House in Huyton on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7.30pm – 9.30pm, sessions will are run by an experienced facilitator. Feel free to turn up you do not ned to book to attend.

At group meetings, there’ll be a chance for people to talk about their feelings, how the bereavement has affected them and coping strategies will be put in place as well as opportunities for peer support.

Paul continued: “Following the death of a loved one by suicide, acute grief can gain a foothold and only worsen over time rather than get better; this is called complicated grief. Emotional dependence can complicate the grieving process, especially for those who have cared for someone over a number of years and have been left with a void in their lives following their death.

Caring Connections, formerly known as Care and Respite Support Services, is based at the Old School House, St Johns Road, Huyton, L36 0UX.